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The winnings paid out on the slot machine are dependent on the symbols showing on the enabled paylines once the reels have come to a stop. 

Coin 1 enables the first (horizontal, center) payline.
Coin 2 enables the second (horizontal, upper) payline.
Coin 3 enables the third (horizontal, lower) payline.
Coin 4 enables the fourth (diagonal, upper-left to lower-right) payline.
Coin 5 enables the fifth (diagonal, lower-left to upper-right) payline.

The table below summarizes the payout schedule for the combination of symbols appearing on the enabled paylines. Please note the figures refer to the number of COINS that you will win. The number of credits won will depend on the coin size chosen.

Symbols on enabled Payline Coins Won
3 Sevens 300
3 3-Bar symbols 100
3 2-Bar symbols 50
3 1-Bar symbols 20
3 Cherries 10
Any 3 Bar symbols 4
Any 2 CherriesAny 1 Cherry 21
Where 3 Cool Buck symbols appear in a row on an enabled Payline The payout will be
Payline 1 1000
Payline 2 2000
Payline 3 3000
Payline 4 4000
Payline 5 6000
Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled payline only. If a winning combination appears on a payline that you have not enabled, you will not receive any payout for that combination.

Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

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